Rose Gold Flower Forming Foam

Rose Gold Flower Forming Foam


Pack of nine sheets of 9" x 12" foam

Three shades of pink

High quality for heating, moudling and distressing


This pack of contains nine sheets of high quality foam in three shades of blush pink, which has been specifically designed to keep its shape, no matter how it's moulded. You can stretch, distress and manipulate as much as you like to achieve the look you desire, and this foam will hold effortlessly!

This foam is pliable at room temperate, but the addition of heat, such as with a craft iron, small home iron or a heat gun, makes it more so. You'll be amazed at how flexible it becomes and how much you can manipulate it to give realistic results.  This foam is also perfect for inking or stamping on to, so if you wanted to add a bit more colour or dimension, you have the freedom to do so.